"I think of Nina as an incredible mom mentor. That says it all."

Whitney C, South End, Boston

"Nina has become part of our family after taking care of our first child. The wealth of her knowledge on baby care has always been able to put my worries away, which I, as a new mom, have a lot. The recommendations that Nina has made for me have always been very well informed. She takes her responsibility very seriously and I know I can always trust her with my baby. In addition, having her around has always brought the much needed laughter to our postpartum home where things can easily get stressful."

Jane B, Cambridge

"Nina is an expert on all things baby. She completely changed my idea of what a postpartum doula is - in addition to giving me individual advice on what my baby needed (usually at the same moment as she lulled my colicky baby to sleep!), she also gave my husband and I the support we needed to become more confident parents. She brought so much sunshine into my life and allowed me to develop a balance between taking care of myself and taking care of my new baby. I've never felt more comfortable leaving my baby with anyone - Nina is a complete miracle worker and I can't recommend her enough!"

Grace CP, Boston

"First and foremost, Nina emits warmth. She is a baby and parenting guru, and when she offers guidance, does so in a non-judgmental and welcoming manner. She was an incredible resource to us as we experienced initial difficulty with our baby's feeding and hip dysplasia. She provided us with valuable insight, emotional support, and respite when my husband and I needed time for ourselves. We wholeheartedly encourage all new parents who may be considering a postpartum doula to meet Nina. She is a gem!"

Melissa and Jared L., Westwood

"I can’t recommend Nina highly enough! She’s been with our family through the birth of both of my girls - first in 2013 and then again this fall. Nina does it all in terms of post partum doula services – she’s a great resource for first time parents with gentle advice on all things baby – breast/bottle feeding, sleep issues, bathing, etc. She also makes it a priority to ensure that new moms are taking care of themselves - by cooking meals, getting us much needed sleep, taking the baby out so mom can get a few minutes alone, etc. When we had our first daughter, she really helped us become confident caregivers since we had virtually no idea what we were doing. The second time around, she did all of that plus helped us navigate life with two kids and was a tremendous support to me personally. She’s been a life saver for our family and she's a great person to top it all off!"

– MK, Charlestown, MA

Nina’s help with my twins during the first few months was invaluable! She helped me establish breastfeeding, overcome mastitis, keep up with household chores, and took care of me. Nina is a top-notch doula and I would highly recommend her services.

– AM, Newton, MA

Nina did a fantastic job and she really, really helped me and my family when we needed it most. I highly recommend Nina, as it’s clear she loves working with families and she puts her heart into everything she is doing for the families she works with. She came into our home and on her own, recognized where it was helpful to focus attention. She always focused on what would most help me, as a sleep-deprived mother. I found this invaluable, as often times due to lack of sleep, hormones, etc., it wasn’t even clear to me what needed attention!

– SF, Cambridge, MA

Nina was a tremendous help when I came home from the hospital. She is calm and nurturing and was great with all of my kids. When she was around I could make sure that I had special time with my older kids. When the baby needed to nurse, Nina helped make meals, with homework and took care of whatever else was needed. With her help, I did not feel that I was stretched too thin.

– SK, Newton, MA